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To a lot of people all cows might look the same except for color but there are many different types of beef cattle and each group has particular features and traits. The Brahman Breed of Beef Cattle has been recognized for many years. In the early 20s the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) was organized. It was J W Sartwelle who created the name for this cattle breed.

Where the Brahman Breed Originated

India is the country where the Brahman breed began. Between the years 1854 and 1926 there were 266 bulls and 22 females exported from India to America. The animals were known as Bos Indicus.

Outstanding Qualities of the new Brahman Cattle

Through careful, selected breeding the Brahman breed was developed. These animals are known as superb beef producers. They are also admired for their ability to adapt in many extreme environments. Brahman cattle have long life expectancies and the females are exceptional mothers to their young.

The Brahman breed of beef cattle breed was developed through a process of selection, as well as through trial and error. The cattle breeder groups in the United States have used the American Brahman in many other programs that involve crossbreeding. The highly desirable characteristics of this animal have thus become a constant in many other American cattle breeds.

Due to the enforcement of a rigid and strict selection process the American Brahman is now recognized as one of the world’s hardiest beef cattle breeds. The standards and breeding guidelines were first set forth by the founders of ABBA. These are the same standards that are enforced today.

American Brahman cattle are superior beef specimens that exhibit health and physical stamina. This type of cattle can be produced on even poorer grazing lands and still turn a profit for ranchers. Fans of this cattle breed also note that these animals usually live twice as long as other cows. Brahman cattle also out perform other cattle breeds when it comes to measuring performance based on the ability to gain weight per day.

Exceptional Traits of the Brahman Breed

Brahman cattle are able to weather temperature extremes that take a toll on most other breeds. They also have superb immune systems and they are rarely victims to common cattle diseases. Brahmans are even able to resist insect borne diseases that can decimate other herds in a matter of days or weeks. Even the dreaded Pinkeye is rarely encountered in any Brahman cattle herd.

The Brahman breed is respected for having high intelligence, and they are very gentle when treated properly. Although these animals have tremendous size and weight they are very docile around humans and non-threatening under almost any circumstance.

The breed’s successful resistance to attack by insects is partially due to their natural immunity, but also their thick skin and hair provide another layer of safety. Many people are unaware that Brahman cattle and most of their cross bred kin have an exceptionally well developed layer of subcutaneous muscle tissue. This tissue layer makes it possible for them to shake off almost any biting or crawling insects. The Brahman breed also has a particular form of sebum secreted by their skin and this too is helpful in warding off insects.

The Brahman beef cattle breed has a long and productive life and they live almost 50% longer than any of the British or other European cattle breeds. Male and female Brahmans remain capable of breeding and producing young even when they are over the age of 16. Most other breeds of cattle are no longer reproducing by age 10. Females are known to take excellent care of their calves and they are able to produce copious quantities of milk even in times of drought.

Characteristics of the Brahman Breed

Brahman cattle can be found in a large number of shades and colors. The officially accepted colors are those that vary from grey to light shades of black. The average weight of a bull varies from 1600-2200 pounds and females weigh in at 1000-1400 pounds. Ranchers and cattlemen have high praise for the ease of birth that is also a characteristic of the Brahman breed.

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